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26 october 2018

To participants and guests of the
International exhibition and forum of the best available technologies

Let me on behalf of Crocus Expo welcome you on the event which is held with coordination management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and is designed to become a significant event for the support of green business in Russia.

Development of green technologies and their introduction into industrial sector became fundamentals of many developed states policy. In Russia with adoption in 2014 of legislative measures determining creation of the modern industry waste treatment and transition of various industries of the economy to the principles of the best available technologies (BAT), it is anticipated an essential increase in demand for corresponding methods, equipment, works and engineering services. For the purpose of assistance to the Russian business in issues related to modernization of the economy and accomplishment of adopted standards it was decided to hold the exhibition and forum of the best available technologies GREENTECHexpo 2018.

The project is designed to become an effective presentation arena of successful world practices on the development of green technologies aimed at providing environmental and industrial safety, a vector of the BAT national market and environmental services development. Innovative technological startups and green projects of young scientists will get expert evaluation and an opportunity of investment support within the frames of GREENTECHexpo project.

The business program of the exhibition and forum represents a discussion platform for open dialogue in the State — Business — Science format. It is a meeting place of developers, producers, suppliers, top managers of leading companies, investment funds, representatives of small and medium business, heads of municipal and regional authorities. The relevance of the event holding is confirmed by its support from state bodies and professional audience.

I am confident that the International exhibition and forum GREENTECHexpo will become a significant annual industry event playing an important role in the development of the Russian economy and will contribute to further development and implementation of a number of state and regional programs.

I wish you interesting and productive work, new contacts and improvement of partnership!

Director of the Crocus Expo Department of special exhibition projects
Sergey Egorychev